StockMaster Omni

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StockMaster Omni – All Terrain Mobile Platform Ladder

StockMaster Omni is a safe portable and strong mobile platform ladder. When you need a platform ladder indoors or outdoors Omni is the platform ladder you can take anywhere.

With two large wheels and a single control for braking and steering StockMaster Omni moves easily in the open position without lifting or dragging. Simply pull up the control and move it. Release the control and Omni is braked automatically and there is no risk of moving as you commence to climb the ladder. All instability found with platform ladders that use spring loaded castors is eliminated and there is no movement when you work on the platform.

An Omni mobile platform ladder goes everywhere!

Take Omni from place to place on the worksite with no more lifting or carrying. Indoors or outdoors simply tow it behind you, – over concrete, gravel or grass and use your free hand for your tool box, or whatever else you need.

Fold it, and transport it in your Ute or on Roof Racks and when your not using it, simply hang it up, or store it flat against a wall.

StockMaster Omni Pro features a Tool Tray and easy-use Safety Gate at the platform entry. Simply step onto the platform and open or close the gate without turning around and you are protected from accidentally stepping off the front of the platform.
Omni is built strong to last, with a load rating of 150 kilos, and is designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 1892.1:2018 & European Standard EN 131: Parts 1 and 2.

StockMaster Omni – the way to go – because it’s simply a better mobile platform ladder!

StockMaster Omni portable platform ladders . . .

  • Enable carrying your toolbox instead of the ladder

  • Are easy to transport

  • Can be used on a wide range of surfaces

  • Move quickly and easily around and to the job

  • Are designed and tested to a 150 kg load rating

  • Meet Australian, US and European Union Standards

  • and are built to last!

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