Standards and Risk Assessment

NOTE: The statements below are drawn form documents published in Australia however it may be said that they will apply in general terms to the majority of jurisdictions in which products of this type are sold.

The purpose of a standard is to provide a specification in order to minimise the risk to health and safety of the user, by example from the Australian standard AS 1892.1:2018;

Australian Standard AS 1892.1:2018

“Objective: The objective of this standard is to provide designers, manufacturers and regulatory authorities with the minimum performance and dimensional requirements for portable metal ladders, in order to minimise the risk to the health and safety of portable ladder users.”

It is also a requirement for Designers, Manufacturers and Suppliers that any product supplied is in so far a practicable free from risks when correctly used, and that information about correct use of the product is provided.

CLC Product Risk Assessments are provided for this purpose.

It must be understood that Product Risk Assessments do not ensure the suitability of the associated item for any given task.

The decision to purchase and use the item for any given task is solely the responsibility of the person conducting a business enterprise. (PCBU). Any decision to purchase should be preceeded buy the employer undertaking a Workplace Risk Assessment of the task. (The link provides access to an example) The Product Risk Assessment forms part of the overall Workplace Risk Assessment.

In summary, the manufacture of a product to a standard does not in itself deem the product to be suitable for any given task. It does however form part of the Workplace Risk Assessment.

The manufacturing standard for Portable Metal Ladders for Australia is AS 1892.1:2018

The manufacturing standard for Portable Metal Ladders for Europe is EN131: Parts 1 and 2

The manufacturing standard for Portable Metal Ladders for the United states is ANSI ASC A14.2-2007

For more details on Health and Safety matters see Health and Safety

Risk Assessment

CLC Product Risk Assessments

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