StockMaster Step-Thru – Technical Data and Size Selection

Selection of the correct StockMaster model and size for your task requires a knowledge of both the operating environment and the application. Read the Operating Environment and Application data below and then choose your size from the chart at the end of this page.
The following information is a guide. For further help, consult your dealer.

The Operating Surface.
The two wheel footprint of Step-Thru enables movement over a wide range of operating surfaces including sealed and unsealed surfaces and slopes.

The Operating Space.
Step-Thru requires space for the operator to move to the left or right of the unit in order to steer it and is not suitable for use in confined spaces.

Also check for;
Height of doorways and overhead structures where applicable.

Principal Applications.
Transport Vehicle and Container Access
Step-Thru is ideal for this application as it is able to operate over a wide range of Operating Surfaces and the degree of manoeuvrability is not usually a critical factor.

Mezzanine Access
This is also an ideal application for Step-Thru with the limitation that it is not suitable for use directly adainst a wall. For applications requiring mezzanine access against a wall see

Note: Stockmaster Step-Thru is designed for access only and is not to be used as a work platform.

StockMaster Step-Thru Dimensions

StockMaster Step-Thru dimensions

StockMaster Step-Thru Size Selection Chart

StockMaster Step-Thru size chart