StockMaster Auto-Gate

StockMaster Auto-Gate ia a platform gate re-sets automatically for each user increasing safety and productivity

StockMaster Auto-Gate, the platform gate that provides automatic protection

Stockmaster Auto-Gate is a platform gate that provides automatic protection against the risk of a fall from the front of a StockMaster ladder platform. As a person enters the platform area the platform gate is automatically urged to the closed position. Release of the locking latch allows exit from the platform and automatically re-sets the gate to the open position for entry of the next user improving safety and productivity and the reducing the risk of accident claims.  

StockMaster Auto-Gate can be fitted to all models of Stockmaster Navigator, StockMaster Tracker and StockMaster Lift-Truk that have been manufactured later than 2008. Please check the manufacturing date of your ladder before ordering. Order Code: SM-AUTOGATE

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