StockMaster Spare Parts

StockMaster spare parts are available as complete modules and also in a number of sub-assemblies.
To view the spare parts lisitngs, select from the thumbnails below.

StockMaster Modules

Platform Modules

Complete Platforms for all Stockmaster models


Frame Set Modules

Front and Rear Frames complete with Control Handle, Handrails and Tube Braces for all Stockmaster Models.


Mobilisation Modules

Complete assemblies for movement of all Stockmaster models with either Castors or Wheels, dependant on type.


Mast Modules – Lift-Truk Manual

Complete Mast assemblies for all sizes of Lift-Truk Manual.


Winch Pack Module – Lift-Truk Manual

Winch and housing for all sizes of Lift-Truk Manual.


Lift Table Module – Lift-Truk Manual

Lift Table and mounting hardware for all sizes of Lift-Truk Manual.

StockMaster Sub-Assemblies

Platform Safety Rail Sets

Platform Safety Rail sets for all Stockmaster models.


Handrail Sets

Handrails Sets for all Stockmaster models – size 6 and over.


Tube Brace Sets

Tube Brace sets for all Stockmaster models.


Control Handles

Control Handles for all Stockmaster models.


Single Frames

Single Front and Rear Frames for all Stockmaster models.



Castor assemblies, Wheel assemblies, Ladder Feet, Handgrips and Fastener Packs.